Georgia Media Workshops, ho!

This year, I will begin teaching with Georgia Media Workshops, a new private Atlanta based school that offers individual project-based training software courses for the post-production, broadcast and gaming industries.

I will be teaching classes in Maya, NUKE, and of course, Photoshop.  I will also be teaching in-depth hands-on courses on Digital Matte Painting, oriented for real world production requirements and deliveries.

Phoenix 2017 Tour - Waterfall Stage Backdrop

As a freelancer, I get to work on all a wide variety of cool projects, including this digital stage backdrop for the band, Phoenix, last year!

The band came to the studio, Brand New School (NY), who then came to me. They wanted this waterfall in the style of those kitschy animated electric framed landscapes from the 1980's.

BNS added the looping animated falling water over my part, and my Art Director, Jeffrey Welk, told me he had to then go set it up on-site, himself.  Turning out to be a pretty intense project at the end for such a simple image!

See the matte painting in action below, it comes on about minute 10:30 during the "millennial whoop" part of a song. :)

Loyd Grossman Italian Cooking Sauces

Last year, I worked for NOMINT on a commercial for Loyd Grossman Cooking Sauces, helping the Art Director concept and lay out shots for this exploded ingredient style approach.  Most of which were then turned directly into moving 3D elements through photogrammetry, becoming the first time I've ever seen my matte paintings used directly like this!  Ideas are now brewing . . . 

GoT Season 6: Targaryen Battle Banner Teaser

This is one of the recently released Game of Thrones Season 6 teasers that I worked on last year for Imaginary Forces (NY). Besides the flag and camera move, what you're seeing is all basically a still image that was brought to life through 2.5D compositing techniques.

I always say matte paintings are actually never finished by the matte painter, but by the compositor!  This is certainly true here, because the studio completely took my matte painting apart (how it was built for animation) and rearranged it to suit the needs of the edit.  See the full image below!

That this often happens, comes as a surprise to many, but it's just another day in the life of a working matte painter. The funny part is, what they rearranged it into, is very similar to the first version I delivered. ;)

Matte Painting Workshop at IDMAa 2015

On Saturday October 24, 2015 I will be teaching a one-day Matte Painting Workshop from 8:00 am- 5:00 pm at this years iDMAa Conference held at the Digital Media Center at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN.

For this workshop, we will be creating a shot using matte painting set extension techniques, where we will completely transform a modern city street into a “Dieselpunk” cityscape.  “Dieselpunk” is a genre similar to "Steampunk", but instead of Victorian-era steam power, it combines the aesthetics of diesel-based 1940’s technology with retro-futuristic super science. 

The workshop will begin with an introduction to matte painting and an overview of modern techniques, then concept ideas and deliver a finished matte painting by the end of our day.

Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and photo editing and compositing within are required.

Register for the class HERE.

New Website BETA Launch!

Do you ever watch those makeover shows on TV?  Where some lady has stopped trying and let herself go, is lost in a fashion time warp, or is simply delusional about her looks?  She's usually bushwhacked into it by her embarrassed loved ones?  And they tear her down, make her cry, and then polish her up?

Well, my old website was definitely one of those ladies!  It's been coming, but I finally had a heart-to-heart. sent her to the gym, bought her some hip clothes, and gave her a new haircut.  If you're reading this, you're looking at her now!

I'm still working on the ALPHA release, including more better Portfolio content, and the actual full Reel, which will (hopefully) be ready by the end of this year.  The lady still has some work to do!  I'm thinking yoga classes, now . . . 

- TM