New Website BETA Launch!

Do you ever watch those makeover shows on TV?  Where some lady has stopped trying and let herself go, is lost in a fashion time warp, or is simply delusional about her looks?  She's usually bushwhacked into it by her embarrassed loved ones?  And they tear her down, make her cry, and then polish her up?

Well, my old website was definitely one of those ladies!  It's been coming, but I finally had a heart-to-heart. sent her to the gym, bought her some hip clothes, and gave her a new haircut.  If you're reading this, you're looking at her now!

I'm still working on the ALPHA release, including more better Portfolio content, and the actual full Reel, which will (hopefully) be ready by the end of this year.  The lady still has some work to do!  I'm thinking yoga classes, now . . . 

- TM